Community Engagement


In order to fulfill “Al Ain University of Science and Technology” mission, the “College of Engineering  is playing an active role in the creation of knowledge by achieving international quality standards in teaching, research, and community engagement.


The community is considered as a collection of Societies, Non-governmental Organizations, Commercial Companies, Educational Institutions, Firms, Public Services Sector, Governmental Agencies, etc. The CoE is seriously taking into consideration the tremendous importance of its responsibility towards the inside and outside communities. This duty is reflected through performing and organizing a number of activities, tasks and services either requested by the college or initiated by the faculty member himself for internal and / or external units. Also, the CoE believes that engaging with the community is a two-way benefit. The first is that the college helps to improve the community that we are part of. The second benefit is that our students diversify their knowledge and improve their soft skills. The community in this case provides an extra resource for learning.