Digital Systems and VLSI Research Group




Contact us

College of Engineering, Building E
Al Ain University
P.O. Box: 64141, Al Ain, UAE


Phone: (+971) 3 7024888
Fax: (+971) 3 7024777


Research areas 

  • Digital Logic Systems
  • Digital, Analog and Mixed-signal Electronics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Hardware/Software Codesign
  • High-efficient/Low power VLSI systems
  • Computer Architecture Hardware and Software


Research Description

The DSV group has the interest of carrying out research activities in the areas of design, test, and implementation of digital and analog hardware systems, with the goals of producing high performance and low power designs in a wide range of applications such as robotics and specific architectural designs in embedded systems. In addition, the DSV group has the interest to employ VLSI techniques in low-level electronics applications as well as high-level techniques for applications involving efficient computer-based hardware and software architectures.