Al Ain University wins first place at the UAE level in the "Awn" Award for Community Service.

For the second year in a row, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University has won first place in the UAE level in the Awn Award 2022-2023 for Community Service in the Universities category. The award was organized by the UAE Red Crescent Authority in collaboration with the Emirates Foundation for Education.

This year, Al Ain university participated in the "Patient Service" category. The award team successfully implemented 24 community initiatives that served this category within and outside the university (hospitals, medical centers, commercial centers, and patients' homes). The university also presented two innovative projects. The first project was a "drone that detects living organisms in disaster-stricken areas," including earthquakes and others. The second project was a "speaking device that visually informs blind people about the type of treatment and how to use it through a voice sensor." Additionally, the students came up with a creative idea, which involved donating a portion of the proceeds from home projects to cancer patients.

The students of Al Ain University deservedly won this award, which aims to encourage creativity and competition among students, motivate them to engage in voluntary work, and attract them to participate in the activities of the student Red Crescent. This victory brought immense joy to the students and supervisors of the award, who pointed out that it was achieved thanks to the support of Al Ain University and the UAE Red Crescent Authority in organizing community initiatives and field events, which contribute to encouraging students to engage in voluntary work, creating a spirit of competition, creativity, and innovation, and attracting students to join the voluntary Red Crescent Club at the university.

Prof. Ibtehal Abu Rezeq, Vice President for Development and Follow-up, and Dean of Student Affairs expressed her pride in the winning students who, with their efforts and passion for community service, were able to overcome all surrounding conditions and launch numerous innovative community initiatives. They actively participated in society and engaged in voluntary work, and thus, they deservedly won this award.


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