The Deanship of Student Affairs honors outstanding students for the first semester 2023-2024

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) celebrated honoring the distinguished students on the university’s honor list in the presence of Prof. Amer Qasim (Vice President of AAU- AD Campus), deputy deans, directors of academic programs, and a group of faculty members.
The Vice President congratulated the outstanding students and their families, pointing out that this ceremony is one of the most important events organized and to which the University pays great attention, based on its keenness to support and care for the outstanding students as they are the true wealth of the nation, as well as to encourage and appreciate their efforts made throughout the year. And motivate other students coming to study. He also urged the students to make more efforts to continue to excel, stressing that excellence requires intensive efforts and hard work in order to achieve it, valuing the role of parents in supporting the student and providing him with the appropriate environment for creativity and diligence.


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