Classroom Instructional Resources

The classrooms are equipped with what is necessary to carry out successful lecturing like video projectors, screens, white boards and instructor computers. Laptop computers are available to faculty. However, some faculty members normally use their own laptops. Network access is available in most classrooms.


Computing Laboratories Available to All University Students

The Information Technology Center at AAU provides eleven computer labs to all university students. These labs are equipped with a total of 325 computers. The table below shows the number of labs and number of computers available in each lab.


Lab CategoryNumber of LabsNumber of Computers per LabNumber of Computers in per Lab Category
General Purpose Labs 7 25 175
Exam Hall Labs 2 50 100
Library Labs 2 25 50
Total 325


Software Engineering Computer Laboratory

This lab is equipped with 20 computers. MS Project & MS Visio, Macromedia Flash, and Wireshark are installed on these computers.


Physics Lab

The Physics Lab has fifteen Digital Analog Training Systems, which provide students with the components, electronic devices, and testing tools required for lab experiments.


Embedded Systems Lab

2-channel, 300Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope 10
2-channel, 300Mhz  Oscilloscope (CRO) 5
80Mhz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator 10
4-channel, 1Ghz Oscilloscope 1
Dual Trace Oscilloscope 6


Networks Lab

HP P3500 MT DESKTOP CORE I5-3470 (H4L64ES) 25
CISCO Router (CISCO1941/K9) 10
IP Telephony Manager (UCS40W FXO K9) 1
IP Telephony Manager (L-UC-PRO-8U) 1
 8-Line IP Phone With PoE and PC Port 25
42U Rack Cabinet, Power EXTENSIONS & Fans 3


Electronics Circuits Lab

Dual channel digital storage oscilloscope 50MHZ (Siglent SDS1052DL) 5
Dual channel digital storage oscilloscope 50MHZ  (Rigol DS1052E) 5

Dual channel digital storage oscilloscope 100MHZ

(Siglent SDS1052DL)

300 MHz bandwidth 2 channel digital storage oscilloscope
(Owon SDS8302)

Advance Digital Trainer DEV-2766 5
Electronic Trainer (ET-200) 5
Industrial Electronic Trainer(IET-5000) 5


Communications Lab

1.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer (RigolMake) 1
100Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope(MakeRIGOL) 2
Modulator & Demodulator Trainers 56
Wireless Telecommunication lab GSM Communication Trainer 5
DSB/SSB AM Transmitter Modulator Trainer 5
DSB/SSB AM Receiver Demodulator Trainer 5
Advanced Fiber Optic Comm. trainer 5
Transmission line trainer 5
AM Transmitter System DSB/SSB 5
AM Receiver System DSB/SSB 5