The College of Engineering in AAU attended the UAE Engineering Deans Council Meeting


Al Ain University (AAU), represented by Dr. Nazih Khaddaj Mallat (Dean, College of Engineering), has been recently appointed as a member of the UAE Engineering Deans Council (UAE-EDC).

Dr. Khaddaj Mallat attended the UAE-EDC Second Meeting in the academic year (2016-2017) which was held at American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK). This meeting was attended by the Deans from 11 university’s Engineering Colleges, Prof. Badr Aboul-Ela (CAA, Director) and Eng. Rayed Al Arashi (Society of Engineers, Council Board Member). The attendees discussed with Prof. Aboul-Ela about the future collaboration between the CAA and the UAE-EDC on the accreditation of engineering & IT programs. Eng. Al Arashi provided a presentation about the Society of Engineers (SoE) activities and requested the support from the UAE-EDC in order to increase the memberships and the students’ involvement in the SoE activities. Moreover, the participants discussed the UAE-EDC standing committees, the amendment of the UAE-EDC bylaws, Post-Graduate Courses, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Course as University Requirement, the upcoming events and the next meeting.

Dr. Khaddaj Mallat expressed his wide satisfaction to represent AAU in the UAE-EDC, as this helps in the continuous improvement process of the college programs by keeping an efficient and direct connection with the Engineering Deans from other universities in order to explore the opportunities on joint collaboration, exchange information and benefit from each other’s experience.

The UAE-EDC, founded in 2011 and operating under the legal umbrella of the Society of Engineers – UAE since 2012, has a mission to promote the advancement of engineering education and research in the UAE, and to serve the UAE community at large in the areas of engineering and technology. In the context of its name and mission, the council also includes information technology and computer science. 



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