College of Engineering shows the Smart Cities Applications


The College of Engineering at Al Ain University organized a seminar entitled “Smart Cities & Internet of Things” at the Abu Dhabi Campus, which includes three technical talks. It was attended by, Dr. Amer Qasem- AAU Vice President, Dr. Qutaibah Al Thebyan- Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Faten Kharbat- Deputy Dean, Prof. Bassam Harb, Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, the College of Engineering academics from both campuses Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, and engineering students.

Mr. Saadallah Chebaro, Cybersecurity Expert, started the session with a lecture entitled “I have Graduated, What’s Next in IT!”, where he walked through the stages required to get a job and to be successful in any area of IT by defining the career path, technology path, learning path, and certification path.

Then, Prof. Ahmed E. Kamal, IEEE Fellow (Iowa State University, USA), gave a presentation about “UAVs as a Service (Uaas) for Wireless Networks”. He explained that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been used in military domains for many years. Recently, they have found many applications in civilian domains, and the number of these applications is expected to grow with UAVs being integrated in society. This talk focused on the services provided by UAVs for applications supported wireless communications and networking, which we refer to as Uaas for Wireless Networks.

Finally, Prof. Hossam Hassanein, IEEE Fellow (Queen's University, Canada), concluded the session with “Robust Crowd sensing for Intelligent Road Services”. He enlightened the audience with the success of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and how it relies on their ability to provide real drivers and municipalities with accurate real-time information. Moreover, he explained how the proposed system, iDriveSense, integrates sensor technologies available in both the vehicles and the driver smartphones to provide advanced, robust localization and accurate monitoring of vehicle dynamics and driver behavior.

The seminar witnessed a positive interaction with the audience, and was organized in order to enhance the academics and student’s knowledge to keep them updated with the latest developments in the engineering field.



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