Engineering College discuss the Communication Environments for 6G Wireless Systems

The College of Engineering at Al Ain University (Al Ain and Abu Dhabi) campuses organized a virtual seminar on Communication Environments for 6G Wireless Systems, was presented by Prof. Raed Mesleh, Dean and Professor, School of Electrical Engineering & Information technology, German Jordanian University, organized by Prof. Sahel Alouneh and Prof. Zina Houhamdi, and attended by 62 attendees of faculty members and AAU students.

Dr. Raed said that the future wireless communication systems necessitate the need of multiple contradictory requirements. Essentially, extremely high data rate is mandatory with high quality of service and reliability. Diversely, simple devices with very low power consumption and implementation costs are needed to facilitate massive connectivity.

The talk aimed to provide an overview of the vision, challenges and key enabling technologies envisioned by the wireless community. Among the technologies to reach the goals of 6G, machine learning, dynamic spectrum allocation, wireless energy transfer, free-space optical communication, use of bands beyond 100 GHz, massive use of multiple antenna systems and intelligent surfaces, new access schemes allowing an increase in node density, cybersecurity for quantum attacks, high accuracy indoor localization, massive virtualization of network functionalities and novel software driven, network control architectures are envisioned.


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