College of Engineering discusses the Plagiarism with the Academic Staff

The College of Engineering organized a discussion Panel on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism where several issues related to Academic Integrity in the college were raised and discussed.

Dr. Tarik Elamsy was the moderator of the panel where he started the discussion with an introduction on Academic Integrity and why should the faculty care about it. For a start, as an academic institution, AAU cares about honest, responsible and trustful conduct in academic and research activity. 

He stressed on the faculty, considering as a critical player on how to fight Plagiarism since their role is vital. He mentioned that the academic integrity policies usually specify the university’s ethical principles and values, the forms of appropriate academic behavior, the penalties for academic malpractice and the procedures for handling policy violations. However, the policy does not itself create academic integrity, but needs to be consistently and effectively communicated, implemented, and applied.

At the end, the actions that need to be taken to raise awareness, knowledge regarding Plagiarism was discussed. One tool to do so is organizing Academic Integrity and Plagiarism avoidance workshops for students on an annual basis. Finally, the workshop concluded with techniques of using effective methods to detect Plagiarism via TurnitIn to detect plagiarized text or Google Image search to detect plagiarized figures & images.


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