The College of Engineering organizes a field trip to “Metaverse”

The College of Engineering in Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) organized a field trip for the Engineering students to Metaverse in cooperation of Misitry of Interior, under the supervision of Dr. Yazeed Ghadi, Dr. Mohammad Daoud, and Eng. Esra AlNashash.

The attendees were given a brief overview of the Metaverse and its potential applications, and the forum included seminars on various topics related to the Metaverse, such as its potential for improving government-citizen communication, its use in online gaming and virtual reality, and its applications in fields such as tourism and medicine. The forum also emphasized the importance of individual participation in developing the Metaverse and explored the potential benefits and challenges of its widespread adoption.

Ahmed Bassam, a technical expert and media presenter at Mena Tech, the partner in organizing this forum, spoke about the goals of the conference, its main features and the topics on the agenda, whereas Tully Makris, CEO of X-Sports, a speaker and specialist in Blockchain technology and Metaverse, and Fouad Darwish, CEO Director General of Palms Sports and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry gave a definition of the metaverse, elaborated on the potential benefits to government processes.

The benefits include improving citizen participation and public safety, challenges in implementing technology, ethical and legal implications, sectors that can benefit the most, transparency and accountability, and its impact on the economy and the labor market, changes in how government services, as well as the potential for better international cooperation and diplomacy.

Omar Al-Kendi, a student who attended the Metaverse Forum, described his experience as amazing, saying that he learned a lot and gained more information about the virtual world of the Metaverse through every seminar, and he appreciated the straightforwardness of each presentation and the comprehensive questions that were asked to explain every aspect of the Metaverse topic.


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