Webinar About Building Envelopes in Changing Climate

The College of Engineering at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) organised a webinar about Adaptive Building Envelopes in Changing Climate, under the supervision of Dr. Omayma Mukhtar, coincident with the preparation of COP28 in UAE.

Prof. Phalguni from the University of Victoria, Canada presented the webinar and overviewed the thermal resistance values of building envelopes prescribed in building codes based on the predominant weather conditions, though the weather keeps on changing the prescribed thermal resistance values of building envelopes remain constant. Insulation that changes thermal resistance in response to its surrounding conditions , for example, adaptive, dynamic, and switchable insulation can help optimize the energy performance of building envelopes.

This presentation summarizes the observations from numerical simulations of the energy performance of a residential building with dynamic vacuum insulation in the Canadian climate.


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