Engineering students get acquainted with the latest innovations at the Police Summit in Dubai

As part of the activities of the Dubai Police Global Summit 2024, a group of students from the College of Engineering at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi campus) embarked on a distinctive educational visit to the summit under the supervision of Mr. Yazan Al Ahmed.

The visit provided students with an opportunity to closely acquaint themselves with the latest technologies and practices in the fields of police work and security, and how engineering and technology can be integrated into this vital domain.

During the summit, students participated in interactive workshops and dialogues that shed light on the importance of innovation in public security and the role of engineering in developing advanced security solutions, as they were able to explore the opportunities and challenges facing the security sector and how technology can contribute to enhancing safety and stability.

The Dubai Police Global Summit serves as a key hub for knowledge exchange and collaboration among various security and engineering entities worldwide. The students' visit was a unique opportunity for inspiration and learning from industry experts, and for reinforcing their commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of security engineering.


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