Haythem Bany Salameh, Ph.D


Al Ain Campus




Haythem Bany Salameh received the Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA, in 2009. He is currently a Professor of telecommunication engineering with Yarmouk University (YU), Irbid, Jordan. He was the Director of the Queen Rania Center for Jordanian Studies and Community Service from June 2014 to June 2018. From January 2011 to June 2014, he was the Director of the Academic Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence, YU. In August 2009, he joined YU, after a brief postdoctoral position with the University of Arizona. His current research interests include optical communication technology and wireless networking, with emphasis on dynamic spectrum access, radio resource management, energy-efficient networking, and distributed protocol design. His research covers a wide variety of wireless systems, including cognitive radio networks, wireless sensor networks, ad hoc networks, and cellular networks. He is a recipient of the Jordan Science Research Support Foundation prestigious award for Distinguished Research in ICT sector, 2016. He is also the recipient of the Best Researcher Award for Scientific Colleges in Yarmouk University for the year 2015/2016. Dr. Bany Salameh has served and continues to serve on the Technical Program Committee of many international conferences and serves as a Reviewer for many international conferences and journals. In the summer of 2008, he was a member of the R&D Long-Term Evolution Development Group, QUALCOMM, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA. He is an IEEE Senior Member class of 2016.


Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Arizona, USA

M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering for Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

BSc in Electrical Engineering for Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Selected Publications

  • Haythem Bany Salameh, Laith Mahdawi, Ahmad Musa and Thaer Hailat, “Endto-end Performance Analysis with Decode-and-Forward Relays in Multi-hop Wireless Systems over α-η-µ Fading Channels,” IEEE Systems Journal, 2019. (Impact Factor 4.337) 
  • Haythem Bany Salameh, Saham Al-masri, ELhaj Binkhalifeh, J. Lloret“Spectrum Assignment with Guard-band-awarness,” IEEE ACCESS, 2019. (Impact Factor 3.397)
  • Moayad Aloqaily, Ismaeel Al Ridhawi, Haythem Bany Salameh, Yaser Jararweh, "Data and Service Management in Densely Crowded Environments: Challenges, Opportunities, and Recent Developments," IEEE Communications Magazine, 2019.(Impact Factor 9.27)
  • Khalid Darabkh, Oswa Amro, Haythem Bany Salameh, Raed Al-zubi, " A-Z overview of the in-band full-duplex cognitive radio networks," Computer Communications (COM-COM), 2019.(Impact Factor 2.76)
  • Ahmed Musa, Haythem Bany Salameh, Nusseibeh Abu Sannad, Rami Halloush, Khalid arabkh, Spectrum Management with Simultaneous Power-controlled Assignment Decisions in Cognitive Radio Networks", Wiley Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 2019.(Impact Factor 1.114)
  • R. Halloush, M. Halloush, I. Almalkaw, A. Musa, Haythem Bany Salameh, \A Rate-maximizing Spectrum Sharing Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks with Generic Resource Constraints", Wiley Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, 2019.(Impact Factor 1.606)
  • Haythem Bany Salameh, Mohammad Dhainat and Elhadj Benkhelifa. \A Survey on Wireless Sensor Network-Based IoT Designs For Gas Leakage Detection and Fire-Fighting Applications, Jordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology (JJCIT), Vol. 05, No. 02, August 2019. (Scopus)
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  • Yaser Jararweh, Mahmoud Ayyoub and Noor Abo Rialeh, Haythem Bany Salameh,Truthful Multi-Unit Multi-Broker Auction Mechanism With Approximate Social-welfarein Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks," Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, Dec.2018. (Impact Factor 0.741)
  • Alexandros Boulogeorgos, Haythem Bany Salameh, and George Karagiannidis, \Spec-trum Sensing in Full?Duplex Cognitive Radio Networks under Hardware Imperfections",IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 66, no. 3, pp. 2072-2084, March 2017.(Impact Factor 4.006)
  • Tha'er Hailat, Haythem Bany Salameh, Taimour Aldalgamouni, \Performance Study of Multi-hop Communication Systems With Decode-and-Forward Relays over Fading Channels," IET Communications, vol. 11, no. 10, pp. 1641-1648, 2017. (ImpactFactor 1.061)
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Professional Experience

I. Permanent Positions

  1. Professor (March 2018-Present)
    College of Engineering, Al ain University of Science and Technology, Jordan
  2. Professor (March 2018-Present)
    Department of Telecommunications Engineering, Yarmouk University, Jordan
  3. Associate Professor (Jan. 2014-Present)
    Department of Telecommunications Engineering, Yarmouk University, Jordan
  4. Assistant Professor (Aug. 2009-Jan. 2014)
    Department of Telecommunications Engineering, Yarmouk University, Jordan
  5. Research Scientist (April 2009-Aug. 2009)
    Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Arizona, USA
  6. Research Associate (Aug. 2005-April 2009)
    Wireless & Advanced Networking Lab, University of Arizona, USA

II. Visiting and Intern Positions

  1. Visiting Research Professor (Sept. 2015)
    Telecommunications Systems & Networks Lab, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
    Thessaloniki, Greece
  2. Research Intern (May 2008-Aug. 2008)
    CORP. R&D SYS Engineering, Qualcomm, California, USA
  3. Research Intern (May 2002-Sept. 2002)
    Institute of High Frequency Engineering, Ruhr University, Germany

Teaching Courses

  • Data and Computer Communications (0106320)
  • Introduction to Communication Systems (0106340) 
  • Engineering CAPSTONE


Expertise related to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):




  • Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 2016-present.
  • Member of the IEEE Young Professionals, 2016-present.
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 2006-2016.
  • Jury member for the Orange-Jordan Mobile Apps Award, 2011.
  • Member of the Jordan Engineers Association, 2003-present.
  • Member of the Jordan Computer Society 2003-present.