Ayman Hussien Odeh, M.Sc


Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024886



M.S. Software Engineering, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt

Postgraduate Diploma, Assad Academy for Military Engineering, Aleppo, Syria

B.S. S.M. Kirov Kiev Antiaircraft Missile Engineering College, Kiev, USSR

Research Interests

Software quality assurance, Artificial Intelligent System using neural network , web-based programming, and SCADA automation system.

Selected Publications

“Software Effort and Cost Estimation using Software Requirement Specification” ,IJCEM International Journal of Computational Engineering & Management, Vol. 18 Issue 1, January 2015 ISSN (Online): 2230-7893.
Ayman Odeh, 2013, Recruiting Quality Software Developers, WULFENIA Journal, Vol. 20, No. 5, USA

Ayman Odeh, 2012, System for Measuring Source Code Quality Assurance, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA),Vol. 60, No. 8, December 2012, USA
Ayman Odeh, 2003, Software Quality Assurance Comparative Study, Military Technical College Cairo, Egypt
Ayman Odeh, 1997, Security and Data Encryption using IDEA, Aleppo University Magazine, Syria

Ayman Odeh, 2005, Prolog and Expert Systems, Aleppo, Ray for publishing and science, Syria
Ayman Odeh, Dr. H. Zourkta, 2006, Technical Guide for BIOS, Aleppo, Ray for publishing and science, Syria
Ayman Odeh and Wael Odeh, 2006, Serial ports programming, Aleppo, Ray for publishing and science, Syria
Ayman Odeh, N. Mansour, 2000, VB5 Reference Guide, Aleppo, Ray for publishing and science, Syria

Teaching Courses

Introduction to programming, Object oriented programming, Internet computing, Computer Skills, Object Oriented analysis and design, and physics1,Formal Specification & Design Methods ,Software Measurement and Testing, Software Design and Development


Internet Society.

Conference Paper

Modeling of solar thermal cooling system in Hatta-Dubai

Published in: 2018 5th International Conference on Renewable Energy: Generation and Applications (ICREGA)

Feb 25, 2018

The use of solar power to provide cooling requirements is the most appropriate solution for UAE. In this paper, two cooling systems were designed and modelled using TRNSYS. Both systems are similar to each other with one difference which is the chiller type. Absorption & Adsorption chillers were used and both of them use hot water as a fuel which is provided to them by the evacuated tubes solar collector. The cooling load of the case study villa is 11.8kW. The results showed that the absorption chiller has a COP of 0.6 while the adsorption chiller has a COP of 0.4. The solar collector area required in case of absorption and adsorption was 48m2, 64m2 respectively. The cooling effect extracted from Absorption chiller was slightly less than the one extracted from Adsorption chiller. However, both systems were able to provide the cooling load required by the case study villa located in Hatta-Dubai with an area of 330m2 and a total volume of 1337m3, to maintain an average room temperature of 23o C.

Journal Paper


Published in: International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET)

Oct 10, 2017

Software developers and programmers of the computer language require large instruction for changing the source code. The purpose of this study is to analyze and measure the negative effects of source code potential errors on the quality of source code. This research is significant because many software developers are having a lot of trouble in amending source code through which quality of source code affected by different potential errors. This study focuses on the assessment of possible source code errors as source code quality has a big impact. The researcher chooses the quantitative method of this study because the research study required digital data or information. In order to analyze the data in digital form, the researcher chooses survey analysis techniques, which do not take much time. Researcher has selected 45 software developers and programmers as research participants, who have a good knowledge of the source code and their errors. The overall results of the survey analysis were satisfactory because the maximum number of respondents was satisfied with these problems of source code.

Journal Paper

Software Effort and Cost Estimation using Software Requirement Specification

Published in: International Journal of Computational Engineering Science 18(1):2230-7893

Jan 01, 2015

Process of estimating the effort required for the software development process is difficult and very complicated. There are many techniques to estimate the effort and cost of producing software, this article is based on a correct reading and mathematical analysis of the software problem, extract the variables needed as input and output for the required software, and applying the Software Science Metrics on the variables and their relationship to estimate unique and used operators and operators. Finally depending on these metric calculate the size and the time and effort ... etc. expected to produce software.

Journal Paper

Recruiting a Quality Software Developer

Published in: Wulfenia

May 01, 2013

Developing quality software is the main concerned of software houses and organizations as well as for clients who are demanding software applications for their business needs. Same way it is also concerned of software houses and organizations to recruit highly qualified software developers for their teams. This paper will introduce “System for Measuring Source Code Quality Assurance (SMSCQA)”, which will enable the software houses and organizations to recruit best qualified software developers. Experimental results based on five programmers programs will be analyzed and finally conclusion of these experimental results along with future work will be discussed.

Journal Paper

SMSCQA: System for Measuring Source Code Quality Assurance

Published in: International Journal of Computer Applications

Dec 01, 2012

Today software systems play a critical role in various aspects of human life, and become part of everyday life. Many of these systems are essential for the completion of day-to-day activities. The increased reliance on computer applications, and organization that produced software puts more and more strain on software developers and software systems itself. For these reasons many international standards, requirements, and constrains were established to assure quality of software. In this work the most important fundamentals of software quality assurance used during life cycle development process (LCDP) will be covered. Specially that used in coding phase. This phase is a very important period for all software, because the cure of software system will be established here. Therefore it was sliced in detailes, and all of its aspects were recovered like: Software metrics, Software quality factors, and software quality models like McCall's model, Boehm's model, ISO 9126 model, and SATC NASA model. By comparing and studying these models the System for Measuring Source Code Quality Assurance was retrieved. Using this system over 30 source code metrics, 9 quality factors can be measured and overall quality might be calculated