Oct 10, 2017


Published in: International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET)

Publisher: IAEME Scopus Indexed

Software developers and programmers of the computer language require large instruction for changing the source code. The purpose of this study is to analyze and measure the negative effects of source code potential errors on the quality of source code. This research is significant because many software developers are having a lot of trouble in amending source code through which quality of source code affected by different potential errors. This study focuses on the assessment of possible source code errors as source code quality has a big impact. The researcher chooses the quantitative method of this study because the research study required digital data or information. In order to analyze the data in digital form, the researcher chooses survey analysis techniques, which do not take much time. Researcher has selected 45 software developers and programmers as research participants, who have a good knowledge of the source code and their errors. The overall results of the survey analysis were satisfactory because the maximum number of respondents was satisfied with these problems of source code.

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