AAU opens the College of Engineering and the College of Pharmacy in Abu Dhabi campus

Within its quest to keep pace with the evolution of the educational system in the United Arab Emirates,Al Ain University has opened the College of Engineering and the College of Pharmacy in its new campus in Mohammed Bin Zayed in Abu Dhabi, where the students would be greeted from the starting of first semester of the academic year 2016-2017.

It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Pharmacy at Al Ain University is the only college in the United Arab Emirates taking place on the international accreditation of the ACPE, Which includes bio-pharmaceutical and clinical medical sciences, In addition to the advanced training and professional practices.

The College of Engineering is granted bachelor's degree in four programs:  Software Engineering, Computer Science, Networks and Communication Engineering and Computer Engineering, where the offered programs prepare graduates to engage in industrial, government, and academic labor markets.

Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh –AAU Chancellor, said that: since its inception, Al Ain University is paying attention to the College of Pharmacy and the College of Engineering, by having an academic staff that is highly efficient, in addition to provide all forms of support.

He added that Al Ain University seeks to develop new programs, to meet the needs of the community requirements, develop students' practical skills to achieve the best level of performance in their future careers.

Opening these two colleges in the new campus aimed to strength the commitment of Al Ain University to provide undergraduate programs in high levels, with a high degree of interaction between the faculty members and students.



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