A workshop at AAU on “Testing & Measurement Equipment”


Al Ain University,  represented by the College of Engineering, hosted a workshop organized by Dr. Zina Houhamdi with the coordination of Rohde & Schwarz company on Testing & Measurement Equipment” at the Abu Dhabi campus, attended by AAU faculty members and students.

The Rohde & Schwarz Consultants, Mr. Mihir Babu (Training and support engineer) and Mr. Abdel Shakour Moh’d Al-Hanini (Head of Repair and Calibration Lab) offered two technical talks titled, “Current trends in RF engineering” and “RF test and Measurement Instruments” respectively.

The objective of “Current trends in RF engineering” talk was  to introduce the students to the diverse domains of Radio Frequency Engineering. The session provided a general introduction to various domains like Laboratory Testing & Calibration, Wireless Network & Device testing, EMC, Broadcasting, Spectrum Monitoring & Direction Finding etc.

The objective of “RF test and Measurement Instruments” was to introduce the students to the test & measurement equipment, which they will come across as future engineers.  The session included presentations and demonstrations of equipment like Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes and Signal Generators.

Dr. Amer Qasim, AAU vice president,  welcomed all attendees and honored Rohde & Schwarz representatives, in recognition for their valuable efforts in conducting an educational workshop for the College of engineering students and conveyed wishes for further seminars. 



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