AAU raises a slogan “We Believe in AI”

The College of Engineering organized the “Believe in AI” exhibition where the technology experts met to show the latest technology in the Artificial Intelligent (AI). The event aims to build a bridge between academia and industry to raise awareness of AI. It opens the opportunity to enrich what AI means and how it has a huge role in almost every sector.

The opening ceremony, was attended by the guests Mohamed Almadhani (Managing Director at Abu Dhabi Digital Authority), Hammam Mohammed Al Shehhi (Analyst at Statistics Centre), and Ahmed Abdulmuttaleb Baharoon (Executive Director of the Environmental Science, Information and Outreach Sector), Dr. Amer Qasem (AAU Vice President), Dr. Faten Kharbat (Deputy Dean of the College of Engineering), academic staff, AAU and school students, attendees and guests.

Beside the exhibition, there were different technical sessions, workshops, and talks which created a great opportunity for students to meet, interact, have knowledge and thoughts about AI.

The event was conducted with the collaboration of different companies in UAE, where they showed the smart solutions that can be implemented in the educational sector, 3D printers, autonomous robots, programmed robots, the internet of things, and the virtual reality (VR). In addition to, case studies of programming AI applications like; image recognition, hand-written numbers recognition, and Datasets analysis and prediction.

This event at Al Ain University came in from its belief in the importance of artificial intelligence as one of the most important requirements today, discussing how to invest and apply artificial intelligence tools in various fields, and exploiting the available human and material resources in a creative way.


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