College of Engineering provides Career Guidance for the students

College of Engineering organized a workshop entitled “Career Guidance” where it aimed to help engineering students plan their careers and guide them the right path to get their first job.

The workshop organizers invited four speakers from different backgrounds, who talked about the different aspects of career path based on their experiences.

The workshop started with Mr. Saadallah Chebaro who talked about the importance of obtaining professional certificates after graduation. He gave multiple examples of free and paid online training, so that the students could advance in their desired path. Also, he talked about the different certificates in technologies that are important at present such as, learning AI which he considered the future of security, cloud computing, cybersecurity, Internet of things, 5G, and quantum computing. He emphasized that applying the mentioned certificates is the key to differentiate yourself in the chosen career path.

On the other hand, Eng. Yusra Mismar answered the major questions that any fresh graduate would have such as: What are companies looking for? How do companies find the right candidate? She provided tips on how to distinguish themselves from all the other candidates who are applying for the same position by explaining the recruitment steps. She clarified in detail how the recruiters source the candidates, how much time they give in screening the candidates’ profiles, how the selecting step is a long process where the candidates should be patient, and finally the hiring steps. Moreover, she gave guidelines to remember when applying for a job, and she emphasized creating a CV, which is changeable and suitable for the different job descriptions. In the end, she talked about the interview preparation and what to avoid to make a good impression.

Eng. Ahmed Naif, who is an AAU alumnus, talked about his own experience in choosing his career path after graduation and he gave advice to the students on what to do after graduation. He talked about how to build a future that suits their passion, and what steps the students should take when they get their job. He emphasized that getting the job is not a big achievement, on the contrary; it is the beginning of the career. Students should work on developing themselves, gaining as much as possible of the professional skills.

In the end, Prof. Mohammad Alhassan talked about pursuing a graduate degree. He gave advice on how to target a university and the right time to apply. He explained the funding opportunities options that students have such as Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Fellowship, and country sponsorship. He stressed the importance of participating in research activities during undergraduate education.


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