Dr. Muath Al-Hasan from College of Engineering won ADEK Award for Research Excellence

Dr. Muath Al-Hasan, Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering at Al Ain University, has been awarded funding from the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK). 

The idea of the project is, to develop novel Terahertz communication system for different scenarios of space applications. More specifically, the project aims at designing Nano-array architecture with ultra-high data rates, extended range and efficient signal processing techniques.

Dr. Al-Hasan said that the project will aid the aerospace sector in Abu Dhabi.  In fact, the project will position the aerospace industry to take advantage of the future promising Terahertz technology. “I am very excited to work on this project, knowing that we are developing cutting edge solutions that will positively impact human capital development”, he added.

The proposals were judged by the ADEK research team along with rigorous international peer review process from leading research institutions around the world based on a range of criteria, including the quality and feasibility of the proposals, their alignment with strategic sectors in Abu Dhabi, their relevance to serving UAE society, and the quality of the applicants.


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