Al Ain University's team secures the first place globally in the Information Technology Challenge for People with Disabilities

Al Ain University's team, comprising students from the Colleges of Engineering and Business, secured the first-place award in the global Information Technology Challenge for People with Disabilities. This competition was launched by the Zayed Higher Foundation in collaboration with Al Ain University and several local community organizations. The team received recognition for their 'Smart Cane' project designed for the visually impaired. The cane features reduced vibration and an audio alert system to warn the visually impaired of nearby objects or obstacles, with a minimum detection distance of 2 meters.

The challenge consisted of various competitions held over two days. On the first day, two competitions were held: 'eCreative Smart Car,' which evaluated participants' skills in programming self-driving cars using Scratch software, and 'eContent,' where participants showcased their creativity by creating and editing video clips on specific topics. The competition aimed to promote digital awareness and impart digital skills to young individuals with disabilities, empowering them to access information independently without the need for assistance.

The organizing committee recognized and honored the participating teams and individuals for their exceptional achievements across various categories of people with disabilities. Prof. Amer Qasem, AAU Vice President (Abu Dhabi Campus), was present at the ceremony to celebrate the winners.

It's worth noting that Al Ain University supervised the training and qualification of students with disabilities who participated in the competition, providing training courses in the university's engineering labs in Abu Dhabi equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.

Prof. Amer Qasem, congratulated the winning team and encouraged them to strive for even greater success on various fronts. He emphasized Al Ain University's commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities as a vital component of society, aligning with the strategic vision of Abu Dhabi in supporting people with disabilities. He added, 'We affirm our readiness and commitment to provide all necessary support to our young talents with developmental disabilities.'"

Dr. Faten Kharbat, Deputy Dean of the College of Engineering, emphasized that this victory and the collective effort align with Al Ain University's commitment to developing partnerships with local community organizations and activating community initiatives, particularly those related to people with disabilities. She praised the efforts of the lab supervisors in the College of Engineering, who provided training and qualifications to students with disabilities, enhancing their skills and enabling them to achieve first place.



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