Past Events


In the context of supporting the student projects, Al Ain University organized the 11th IEEE UAE Student Day 2016 at the new Campus at Mohammad Bin Zayed City – Abu Dhabi. The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh -AAU Chancellor, Prof. Abdulhafeed Belarabi –AAU Vice President, Dr. Wathiq Mansoor -Steering Committee Chair, Dr. Pedro Banda -DEWA R&D Director, a number of participants students in the competition from different universities and visitors from inside and outside the university.

The College of Engineering and Information Technology at Al Ain University in conjunction with IEEE UAE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S), Instrumentation & Measurement Society (IM-S) Joint Chapter, and IEEE AAU Student Branch, organized an IEEE Administrative Meeting and a Technical Talk about Video, Games, Video Games and Modern Video Systems at Abu Dhabi Campus - Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

In the framework of the keenness of Al Ain University (AAU) on the students and their interests in the latest technologies, the College of Engineering and IT (CEIT) at AAU, has  organized, in conjunction with the IEEE UAE MTT & IM joint chapter and the IEEE AAU Student Branch, a technical workshop about LabVIEW (Software developed by National Instruments, NI).

The speaker was Eng. Leen Adnan (Field Engineer, NI). The workshop, was attended by guests from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and a group of academic faculty and students of the college. 

Eng. Leen started by an introduction of LabVIEW,  which is an advanced program used by engineering students, especially Networks and Communications Engineering Department. She also talked about the challenges in the field of software and stages of technology advances that have been access to such technologies. She also explained the LabVIEW fundamentals, implementation of Virtual Instrument (VI), Loop Structures, Data Access, etc.

The participants were able to directly access the LabVIEW software in the computers lab and apply the applications explained by the speaker.

Dr. Nazih Khaddaj Mallat (Dean, College of Engineering and IT) said that LabVIEW will definitely help our students in their courses and particularly in their Capstone Project. He also added that the college, in collaboration with IEEE UAE units, will continue to organize such great technical events and provide an excellent opportunity to students, instructors and different UAE communities to learn about new technologies and advanced tools used.

The end of the workshop was open for the students and the audience to ask questions and discussion, and honored Eng. Leen Adnan in recognition of presenting the workshop and her efforts.

  • Scientific workshop about the basic concepts of engineering in Liwa International School- Tuesday, November 24, 2015

    The “College of Engineering and Information Technology, CEIT” at “Al Ain University, AAU” carried out a successful workshop about the basic concepts of Engineering in Liwa International School. The workshop, attended by 20 students of grades 06th, 07th and 08th, was organized and supervised by Dr. Nazih Khaddaj Mallat (CEIT Dean) and presented by Ms. Nada Masood Mirza (CEIT Instructor). She explained to the students the electrical circuits (series vs. parallel) principles in the most striking way and motivated the students by providing them hands-on experience in building the circuits in the desired and control format.

    This workshop, organized during UAE Innovator Week, enforces the CEIT involvement in “Community engagement”, ensures the liaison between AAU and the future of our society “Our Young Generation” and emphasizes that AAU aims to promote the collaborative community building activities and motivating students for advancing in the field of Science and Engineering.                                                                    

  • Al Ain University participates in the 10th IEEE UAE Student Day- Wednesday, May 18, 2015

    The College of Engineering and IT at Al Ain University attended the 10th Student Forum for the IEEE-UAE Branch at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, where 12 other universities participated in the assembly. It was organized by the UAE IEEE branch with the active support of IEEE student supervisors sect in all institutions. Their participation in which has been a competition from various educational institutions by paying out 21 prizes in five categories of projects on a joint design venture, Engineering design, advanced design, software engineering and community help projects.

    The ones who participated in the forum from AAU are: Dr. Nazih Khadaj Mallat (Deputy Dean of the College of Engineering and IT and Steering Committee Member of the 10th IEEE UAE Student Day), 3 groups of students who were part of the competitions, 4 members of instructors of the Jury Committee and 10 student visitors.

    Dr. Nazih Mallat stressed that this case was a singular chance for the students to partake in their knowledge and experience with pupils from other establishments, and this certainly will enhance the culture of rivalry among the students in the College of Engineering and IT.

    At the end, Dr. Khaddaj Mallat announced that the 11th IEEE Student Day in May 2016 will be hosted by Al Ain University.                                                                                                                                         

  • AAU participation in “IEEE UAE Section - Annual General Meeting"- March 21,2015

    Al Ain University (AAU) attended the annual general meeting of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) -UAE section that took place in Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dubai. Dr. Roberto de Marca, IEEE President, presided over the meeting with the attendance of various universities and institutions in the UAE. The AAU delegation included, Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, AAU Chancellor, in addition to the faculty members from the college of Engineering and Information Technology.

    The speakers presented the IEEE’s achievements throughout the years and the challenges currently facing the institute. During the meeting, IEEE UAE section also honored AAU in appreciation of the university’s effort in hosting IEEE events in the UAE and the effective role it plays in serving and interacting with the community.                                                                                                                                                  

  • Terahertz (THz) Technology Technical Talk-November,2014                                                                       

  • AAU Honors Students from College of Engineering and Information Technology-November,2014 

  • AAU Students Participate In "INNOVATOR 2014"

    Students from the College of Engineering and Information Technology at Al Ain University ranked third among 150 innovation projects showcased at the Innovator 2014. The winning project is for remotely controlling vehicles via SMS and was voted to win by audience and participants.

    Innovator 2014 was organized by Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee at First Gulf Bank Arena in Abu Dhabi. “Do it yourself” innovators participated from all over the UAE with their innovative, creative, and unique ideas presented to the community to test. More than 150 projects were showcased in this event in various fields including aviation, robotics, vehicles, architecture, and arts.

    The objective of the winning innovation, created by two students from the College of Engineering and Information Technology, is to immediately inform the vehicle’s owner about any unauthorized entry via an SMS alert. The owner can ‘reply’ to the vehicle to ‘stop the engine’, at which point, the vehicle will shut down – lock all windows and doors – and trap the thief. If in motion, upon receipt of the owner’s command, the vehicle would slow down and display a screen alert indicating ‘engine will stop in 5 minutes’. The vehicle would also be easy to locate by means of an integrated GPS.

    On his part, Dr. Nazih Mallat, Head of the Computer Engineering and Networks and Communications Department at AAU, reiterated that for AAU students to come third in scientific competitions like Innovator 2014 where more than 150 participants took place is a great accomplishment that proved the AAU students’ abilities and capabilities which are based on sound, solid foundations of knowledge. Such accomplishments are the power that drives the College of Engineering forward and will keep pushing it to achieve a prominent place in integrating scientific research within the stages of university education.