CoE meets the new students of the Academic year 2023-2024

The College of Engineering at Al Ain University (Al Ain campus) organized a meeting with its new students in the presence of Dr. Qutaiba Al-Thebyan, the Dean of the College of Engineering, program directors, faculty and administrative members, and a significant number of new students. The meeting was also attended by Prof. Ibtehal Abu Rezeq, the Vice President for Development and Follow-Up, who provided an introductory overview of the Student Affairs Dean's role and its effective support for male and female students, highlighting the duties and responsibilities that new students should adhere to.

In turn, the Dean of the College of Engineering welcomed the new students and introduced the college and its specializations. He provided an overview of the student's responsibilities at the university and the policies that every student should follow in their academic journey, as outlined in the student handbook. He also offered advice to students to follow in their educational journey to achieve success and progress in various fields, which would equip them with diverse skills and prepare them for the future job market. Additionally, the program directors provided brief overviews of their respective programs, and a detailed presentation was given by the preparatory committee on what students need in their academic journey, including the guidance system, clarification of the academic and counseling plans for each program, a detailed explanation of student evaluation and grading systems, as well as an explanation of the process for resit and incomplete exams. Furthermore, a detailed presentation was made about the students' participation in competitions offered by IEEE and others.

On the sidelines of the meeting, several senior students in the college and graduates showcased their engineering projects, highlighting the most important skills and experiences they gained during their academic journey.

During the orientation event held at the Abu Dhabi campus, interactive activities and entertainment events were featured, along with an exhibition showcasing the engineering students' innovations. Additionally, a tour of the university, engineering labs, and recreational facilities was conducted."


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