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An Enhanced Cross-Layer Approach Based on Fuzzy-Logic for Securing Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks from Black Hole Attacks

Published in: International Journal on Communications Antenna and Propagation (IRECAP)

Apr 30, 2018

Mohammad M. Shurman Omar M. Al-Jarrah Salem B. Esoh / Sharhabeel Hassan Alnabelsi

Black holes attack in ad-hoc network systems can obstruct network functions, e.g.; successful packets delivery to destinations. Current conventional detection mechanisms are based on single layer information, lack of appropriate performance metrics, and/or the adequate accuracy. In this paper, a new cross layer Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is proposed, in order to mitigate the black hole attack in wireless ad-hoc networks. The proposed work modifies ad-hoc routing protocol for black hole at...


Smart Phones and Road Collisions

Published in: International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology

Mar 07, 2018

W.A. Mohammad S. Iqbal Aburezeq I. (...) Almarboouei M.S. Alarab

Accidents on roads are primarily caused by attention diversion. Recently, smart phones and availability of internet has made the mobile-phones’ usage a biggest cause of diversion of drivers’ attention. Lately, cell phones became more dangerous than alcohol consumption while driving. The problem is as critical in the UAE as everywhere else in the world, which is evident from the statistics of Abu Dhabi Traffic department discussed in this report. To counter this problem, Al Ain University ...

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