Conference Paper

Model-driven multi-objective optimization approach to 6G network planning

Published in: International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Systems and Services in Telecommunications (TELSIKS)

Oct 20, 2021

Nenad Petrovic Issam Al-Azzoni Julian Blank

Ultra high-speed and reliable next-generation 6G mobile networks are recognized as key enablers for many innovative scenarios in smart cities – from vehicular use cases and surveillance to healthcare. However, deployment of such network requires tremendous amount of time and involves various costs. For that reason, optimal network planning is of utmost importance for development of 6G mobile networks in smart cities. In this paper, we explore the potential of multi-objective linear optimization...


Test case prioritization for model transformations

Published in: Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences

Aug 01, 2021

/ Saqib Iqbal / Issam Al-Azzoni

The application of model transformations is a critical component in Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). To ensure the correctness of the generated models, these model transformations need to be extensively tested. However, during the regression testing of these model transformations, it becomes too costly to frequently run a large number of test cases. Test case prioritization techniques are needed to rank the test cases and help the tester during the regression testing to be more efficient. The ob...


A Framework for the Regression Testing of Model-to-Model Transformations

Published in: e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal

Jun 01, 2021

/ Issam Al-Azzoni / Saqib Iqbal

Background: Model transformations play a key role in Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). Testing model transformation is an important activity to ensure the quality and correctness of the generated models. However, during the evolution and maintenance of these model transformation programs, frequently testing them by running a large number of test cases can be costly. Regression test selection is a form of testing, which selects tests from an existing test suite to test a modified program. Aim: The...

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