Support for Research and Scholarly Activity


The AAU college of engineering are continuously seeking internal/external funds to support researchers and students in their research activities in order to maintain and boost the growth of its ongoing research capacity. This in turn, shall maximize the impact of research through the dissemination of knowledge and related activities. To achieve such a goal, the college encourages faculty members to collaborate with each other and with other colleagues from outside the university to create a strategy to support the research and scholarly activities.
The college with the help of the university administration attempts to secure the required time for the faculty members, supporting scientific publications, supporting participation and presentation in conferences and seminars, establishing databases of research productivity, rewarding research productivity, and providing research resources. The AAU college of engineering has a research and scholarly activity committee that is responsible of promoting research through encouragement and assistance of faculty members and students in their pursuit of excellence in scholarly activities. AAU provides financial research rewards for unlimited number of published or accepted for publication materials.

This reward support and encourage faculty members to continuously publish high quality researches in eminent journals. The faculty members are encouraged to publish in first tier journals indexed in outstanding databases (e.g. Scopus, ISI, etc.) and / or issued by leading publisher like Elsevier, IEEE, Wiley, etc.
At the level of the university, AAU provides the following forms of research support:

  • Research rewards for unlimited number of published or accepted for publication materials. These financial rewards are regulated based on specific criteria that are announced to all faculty members, known as “Research Incentives Guidelines”.
  • Financial support to faculty members participating in conferences (see research policy support).
  • Publication of a faculty research handbook and a detailed account of research activities
  • Providing researchers an access to all kind of research databases to enhance research quality and productivity.
  • Aid researchers in finding funding from other external agencies/organizations.