Research and Scholarly Activity Outputs


The research output from the college of engineering is well documented, and includes a record of external grants, published Journal and conference papers, accepted papers, ongoing collaborations. The college has also established a process of faculty members’ performance evaluations.
At the end of the academic year, the heads of each department at the college, Deputy Dean, and the Dean evaluate every faculty member’s annual evaluation plan, which includes a faculty member’s performance in research. Final reports of evaluation are then reported to the university administration for administrative decisions. At the end of each semester, faculty members report their research and scholarly productivity in different forms for evaluation by the University Research Committee Members. A Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) table is generated every year to evaluate the research output of the college (Table 1 shows the research performance of the college over the last three years).


Table 1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the College of Engineering for the Period (2017-2019)

Percentage of faculty members published at least one article per year 37.5% 75% 37.5
Percentage of faculty members published in high-quality journals (Elsevier, Scopus, ISI) 29.1% 50% 29.2%
Number of faculty attended regional or international conferences 7 11 9
Number of faculty members receiving external and/ or internal research funding 0 1 0
Number of conferences organized by the university 0 0 2